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Routine Consultation            €60

Consultation & Bloods          €75

Review Consultation             €35

Student with valid ID             €50

Childrens Consultation          €50

E111 visitors with valid card a covered free of charge

Travel Vaccines                       Prices available on request

ECG & Blood Pressure Monitor             €100

Implanon Insertion/Removal & Insertion       €100/€150      

Mirena Initial Consultation and Counselling    €60     

Mirena Insertion                                              €125   

Minor Surgery/Excisions         Price available on request/ Covered on Health insurance

Cryotherapy    €60      also covered on Health insurance/GMS

Drivers Licence Medical        €60

Eyesight report                     €30

Other prices available on request

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Latest News

May 15, 2018
We are following the current situation in relation to the Cervical Screening failures closely.  We will be following the advise of the HSE, and any woman in need of a repeat smear will be facilitated her, in The Whitehall Medical Centre.
Jan 3, 2017
New early morning appointments now available between 8 and 9am to suit patients prior to starting their own working day.They have proven very popular so far so and we are hoping to continue same. Please feel free to ring and enquire/book an appointment.
Jul 4, 2016

Whitehall Medical Centre has signed up for the Under Sixes Free GP Care. This is due to commence on July 1st 2015. We encourage all parents of under sixes to register their children in order to be able to avail of this service. It is very simple to do online by going to the following link https://www.pcrsonline.ie/portal/free-gp-care-web/pub.

 You will need the child’s PPSN and the guardians PPSN. Children under six will only be able to avail of this free GP care if they have signed up and received their doctors visit cards.

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